An IT and Low Voltage Contractor Providing Additional Capabilities without Additional Overhead

Are you a national managed service company seeking third-party support to elevate your projects without the burden of additional overhead? Look no further than Knowlogix. As skilled IT and low voltage contractors, we seamlessly integrate into the fabric of national and global enterprises, offering our expertise without the need for a permanent commitment.

Whether you’re an estimator, electrical worker, project manager, or engineer, Knowlogix is here to support you as a trusted independent contractor for all your low voltage and cabling needs. We take pride in being a divisional leg of your company, providing the additional capabilities you need without the additional cost. Our team specializes in ensuring accurate documentation and markups, project management and installations that you can trust. Partner with Knowlogix, and let us enhance your projects with our IT-specific skill set and commitment to excellence.

IT Contractors on a Mission to
Make Your Job Easier

At Knowlogix, our job is to make yours easier. Whether it’s installing cabling or handling intricate wiring and low voltage contracting, we have the relevant skills and expertise to complete your project effectively. In our contract work, we collaborate to bring your vision to life efficiently and effectively. You need an IT contractor solution that will meet your needs without blowing through your budget. Let Knowlogix be the missing piece that transforms your project from concept to completion.

Nationwide Low Voltage Contractors

As a Technology Service Provider (TSP), Knowlogix specializes in a wide range of low voltage contracting services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.
Our areas of expertise in IT contract work include:

Infrastructure & Data Cabling Installation

Our team is trained in BICSI Installation Standards and Structured Cabling Best Practices. With continuous ongoing training from our industry partners like Hubbell, IDEAL, Hitachi and others, our team is skilled in core low voltage installations, allowing us to provide repeatable and reliable contracting services. With our extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of cabling infrastructure for warehouses, distributions centers, and office complexes nationwide, we are confident that our team can expertly handle your low voltage, IT, and infrastructure systems needs. When you choose Knowlogix as your partner for infrastructure and cabling installation, you can rest easy knowing we will deliver the solution you need efficiently and correctly the first time.

General Backbone Facility Cabling

Knowlogix specializes in the installation and management of cabling infrastructure. Our cabling contracting services include cable routing, termination, testing, and troubleshooting. In a contract role, we primarily focus on the design, installation, and maintenance of structured cabling systems, providing the physical layer infrastructure for data, voice, and video communications. Partner with Knowlogix, and let us handle the intricate details of wiring, ensuring your networking and communication systems are robust and reliable.

CCTV Cabling

Looking to build or enhance your security infrastructure? With Knowlogix’s expertise in CCTV systems and cabling installation, we have you covered. As low voltage contractors, we specialize in installing and maintaining the camera and cabling infrastructure essential for CCTV systems. Our team integrates cameras into your new or existing network, and has the networking prowess to ensure that vLans and other network segregations are respected and provisioned properly. This provides a robust foundation for surveillance that can leverage your existing network or new installation. Trust Knowlogix to fortify your security measures and safeguard your organization.

Security and Alarm Installation

Our team can install security and alarm cabling and equipment for your nationwide projects in conjunction with your security provider. We are skilled in Bosch, Honeywell, DSC and others and can take care of these installations for you. This reduces the number of contractors you need onsite to complete your cabling and system installations.

Access Control Systems

Our team is also skilled in access control system installation including mags and strike cut in, cabling, control boards, expansions, and the power supplies that run them. From basic systems that program at the keypad to nationwide cloud based systems, our team can sell, design, install, and manage the entire package or any component you need.

Nationwide IT and Add-On Services


    Unified Communications

    Unified Communications allows you to transform your customer and employee communication experience into a streamlined process by bringing multiple types of communication into a single system. Our team can work alongside you to fill in gaps in your existing communications system, or provide a full turnkey solution as needed. Ask us about UC and how it can enhance your company’s communication.

    Hosted Phone Systems

    If your company is ready to finally move away from the old phone system you have, we can guide you through the process of moving to a hosted phone system. Hosted systems offer a range of options that older digital systems lack. Provision and expand as you go, so you can start small and infinitely expand. For different geographical locations, we offer flexing features like softphones that run as a smartphone app, Microsoft Teams integrations, and an extensive list of CRM plugins. Cloud Hosted phone systems give you the best features, at flexible cost, with the most robust set of options available today. Our team works with over 293 providers to white glove your entire experience and transition. Request a chat with one of our Knowlogix solution agents for more information.

    PBX Systems

    If your company has a significant investment in PBX systems, or if you have compliance reasons for maintaining PBX systems onsite, Knowlogix can help. From hardware and cabling, to bringing in the right partners to assist with your needs, we are here to support your PBX systems nationwide.


    Conference Rooms

    In a post-Covid world, video conferencing has become a normal part of business. Conference and collaboration rooms are now extensions of our offices that let us bring teams and conversations into a centralized place. Knowlogix can help you create inspiring and innovative spaces that use cost effective technology to make the conference room experience smooth and simple. From basic Audio/Video systems to large corporate systems that provide one touch control for lighting, audio routing and video transmission, our team can design, install, and manage your entire project. Keeping your team in touch and able to collaborate can be as simple as requesting a chat with Knowlogix.


    Intercom Systems

    Whether you have a large facility or need to speak to guests at a gate or door, an intercom solution is necessary technology for situations where traditional phone systems just won’t cut it. Knowlogix can expand or create communication infrastructure necessary to integrate intercom systems into your facility. Our team of low voltage technicians specializes in installing and maintaining the hardware, cabling, and infrastructure required for intercom systems in almost any situation. We can collaborate with your IT team to ensure seamless integration of hardware and software configurations. Trust Knowlogix for a communication solution that blends reliability and efficiency.

    Remote Temperature & IoT Monitoring

    Data collection and awareness of remote systems provides you with information on the fly, allowing you to execute a nearly immediate response to critical systems. Our team can help you design, install, and manage an array of events, whether it’s in the back of the building or across an ocean. Knowing the status of freezers, coolers, gas lines, voltages, or any other condition that occurs allows your business decision-makers to have the data they need at all times. Knowlogix can design, build, install, and help you maintain these systems. Chat with one of our experts today to find out more about these capabilities and how they can enhance your bottom line.

    Mass Notification Systems

    Situational awareness is key in any business. When events occur that require rapid delivery of information, mass notification systems provide fast, efficient ways to inform large groups of people. Our team can help you with design, installation, and maintenance of systems that provide mass texts, audio messages, and more. We partner with hundreds of vendors to ensure we can access the right technology for your needs every time. Chat with our team today and let us help get the message out.

    Full Network Design & Install

    Our team consists of two main pillars: Professional Services Installation (PSI) and Professional Services Management(PSM). This means that our team can not only design your network with wired and wireless access solutions, but also deploy these solutions when and where you need them nationwide. From layout and security considerations of design to the proper installation of copper and fiber cabling, our team can assist with any and all facets of your network deployment. Our team specializes in filling in the gaps for your company’s technology needs. In fact, when our team delivers installation, we fully certify all cabling and provide a 25 year warranty backed by the manufacturer themselves. Networking and the infrastructure behind it is at the very core of what we do. Let our team get you connected! Chat with one of our designers today.


    Rack & Networking Hardware Build-Out

    With the fantastic list of technology systems we provide, one of the most important elements is start and end points where the action occurs. Server rooms, MDF, IDF, and equipment cabinets are where the machines meet the infrastructure. Proper labeling, grounding, and layout is essential and can often make or break an install. Our team is skilled at bringing all of it together and keeping it well-organized. Cable combing, proper cable support, and routing with careful consideration of where each wire goes from termination to termination is all part of our plan and execution.

    Through our experience, we have learned techniques that ensure efficiency and durably built systems that will last for decades. Because we are also IT pros, we spend our own time in these rooms tracing and connecting servers and networks. We know how critical it is to have layouts that make sense with accurate, legible labeling. Our team is made up of BICSI trained technicians who understand the true data analytics behind bend radius, cable support, and proper grounding requirements. Let our team build your next project and deliver our expertise from end to end.

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