IT Consultants with a Passion for Problem‑Solving

At Knowlogix, technology meets innovation, and IT consultants are driven by a genuine passion for problem-solving. As a premier Technology Service Provider (TSP), our mission is to make technology easy, fun, and effective for our clients across Commercial and Retail markets. We proudly collaborate with third-party IT companies to provide nationwide support, offering a diverse range of customized solutions from basic security to highly advanced automation and complex networked control systems.

Our dedicated team focuses on five core capabilities: Security, Communication, Automation, Networking, and IT Systems. We blend our skills and capabilities to integrate your IT systems and deliver custom solutions that solve your technology issues. At Knowlogix, we are a passionate group of technology-focused enthusiasts, each bringing a unique background that diversifies our structure and culture, making us more effective in our pursuit of excellence.

Our History


In October of 2015, Knowlogix was born out of Trae Dantzler’s vision to bring enterprise solutions to small and medium businesses. After spending a decade gaining experience in military and government enterprise IT and datacenter technology build and design as a direct commercial contractor, Trae returned to his roots in control systems, offering low voltage solutions to small business owners across the southeast United States. As the availability of technology for cloud and pay as you go offerings grew, Knowlogix bridged the gap, helping businesses navigate and leverage cloud computing and other new technology.



In 2017 Matthew DePaulis joined our team with a history of sales, banking, and operational management skills. His vision for organizational structure helped our business mature and allowed others to focus on their technology skills. Matt’s dedication to Knowlogix resulted in an invitation to join in ownership of the company. With this newfound focus, Knowlogix has experienced positive growth year after year.

In 2019, Chris Nuss, a former military professional with a construction background, joined forces with Trae and Matt. This partnership marked a turning point for Knowlogix, propelling our business nationwide. With Matt handling operations, Trae’s IT expertise combined seamlessly with Chris’s construction knowledge. These three leaders are behind the truly dynamic culture that drives Knowlogix’s success.
With Trae, Matt, and Chris at the helm, Knowlogix offers tailored solutions, including technology consulting, managed IT services, and project management, to meet the needs of each client. The rest of our team is composed of talented professionals specializing in resource management, service and project management, IT support, and installation expertise. Whether you’re a commercial operations manager, IT manager, a nationwide IT company seeking third-party support, or a retail IT chain executive, Knowlogix has the expertise to resolve technical issues and elevate your business to new heights.

Our Mission

Knowlogix is on a mission to provide clients with customized technology systems that simplify life, enhance safety, and add lasting value.

As dedicated IT consultants, we aim to build a trusted and enduring client list, fostering relationships that stand the test of time. Your business goals are our business goals, and we know that you need technology to function seamlessly in order to achieve those goals. Knowlogix is here to partner with you for all of your IT needs, providing expert advice, complete systems integration, and exceptional customer service.

Our Values

At Knowlogix, our foundation rests on the belief that technology should be enjoyable, user-friendly, and seamlessly integrate into daily human workflows. Your business is unique, so we tailor each information technology solution to fit your unique needs. Throughout this process, we strive to uphold our values, earn your trust, and serve as your technology consultants for life. We are a technology service and consulting firm dedicated to improving the lives of our clients, helping them achieve their business objectives.

What Sets Us Apart

Knowlogix stands out by tailoring our solutions specifically to you. Unlike competitors who offer predetermined solutions, we begin every discussion with a blank slate, not a pre-cut checklist. Our team does not limit itself to one brand, vendor, or product type. We are custom solutions providers, dedicated to coaching clients with strategic advice while we handle the technical aspects. This approach allows you to focus on your business needs and let us worry about the technology systems. From there, you simply enjoy the benefits that our technology solutions bring. Let our IT consultants improve your business processes and provide peace of mind.
Your Next Project Just Got Easier.

Our Range of IT Integration Services

Our comprehensive S•C•A•N•IT solutions encompass Security, Communication, Automation, Networking, and IT Systems for seamless tech support. Our services involve systems integration of various tech components to provide holistic solutions for your business. IT integration services play a crucial role in enhancing your operational efficiency, streamlining business processes, and ensuring that different IT elements work together seamlessly to support your organization’s goals and objectives.



CCTV with Analytics
Harness the power of intelligent surveillance for proactive threat detection.
Risk Assessment
Identify vulnerabilities to fortify your defenses against potential risks.
Cybersecurity as a Service
Stay ahead of cyber threats with our cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.
Managed Service IT Solutions
Proactive management and monitoring of your IT infrastructure for enhanced security.
Dark and Deep Web Monitoring
Vigilant tracking of online activities to safeguard your digital footprint.
    voip phone communications service


    Unified Communications
    Streamlined communication channels for increased collaboration and efficiency.
    Hosted Phone Systems
    Flexible and scalable phone systems tailored to your business needs.
    PBX Systems
    Robust private branch exchange systems to optimize internal and external communication.
    Conference Rooms
    State-of-the-art conferencing solutions to effectively facilitate collaboration.
    Intercom Systems
    Enhance internal communication with our reliable intercom systems.
    Hosted Office & Collaboration Solutions
    Secure and efficient email and collaboration platforms to keep your team connected.
      workflow automation small scan it


      Technology Automation Management
      Streamline and optimize your technological processes for increased productivity across business operations.
      Remote Temperature & IoT Monitoring
      Real-time monitoring to ensure optimal conditions for your operations.
      Advanced & Mass Notification Systems
      Instant communication in critical situations for swift decision-making.
      Offsite Backup
      Securely store and retrieve your critical data with the right offsite backup automation solution.
      Managed Services
      Proactive management and business process automation of repetitive tasks.
      Remote Update & Monitoring
      Stay ahead of updates and monitor your systems remotely using automated process technology for optimal awareness, project and process management and performance.

        Networking & IT Infrastructure Services

        Full Network Design
        Tailored network solutions for seamless connectivity.
        Rack and Stack Build-Out
        Efficient and organized setup of your network infrastructure.
        Infrastructure & Cabling Installation
        Reliable and scalable IT infrastructure services to support your growing needs.
        Remote Monitoring
        Constant surveillance of your network for early detection and resolution of issues.
        Penetration Testing
        Rigorous testing to identify and rectify potential vulnerabilities in your network.
        Network Support
        Ongoing assistance and expertise to ensure the optimal functioning and continuous improvement of your network, guaranteeing a reliable foundation for your technological operations.
          IT SYSTEMS

          IT Systems

          Managed IT Services
          Comprehensive management of your IT systems and infrastructure.
          Remote Support Services
          Instant support for swift issue resolution.
          Remote Maintenance
          Proactive maintenance to prevent potential disruptions.
          Onsite Support
          Dedicated support and real human intervention when you need it most.
          Virtual Infrastructure Design & Management
          Optimized virtual environments for enhanced performance.
          Cloud Solutions
          Leverage cutting-edge technology for scalable and efficient cloud-based strategies that align with your unique business requirements.
          Emerging Technology Consulting

          Let our technology consultants work with you to ensure strategic integration of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, to drive innovation and competitiveness.

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