Commercial Technology Solutions

Commercial businesses have unique technology demands. We know that your systems need to operate seamlessly and efficiently, allowing you to focus on what matters most – making sure your business runs smoothly, securely and reliably so you can go home to your family worry-free at the end of the day.

With our technology systems, you can leave behind the stress of technology and IT-related issues and enjoy peace of mind. Whether you’re an operations manager, an IT manager, or a nationwide technology company in need of third-party contracting support, Knowlogix has the business technology solutions and expertise to meet your needs.

Commercial Technology Solutions
Designed to Better Your Business

Cabling & Infrastructure Installation

Professional Services Installation (PSI)

Whether you are building a new facility or making changes to an existing one, our team travels nationwide to complete your projects. Our Professional Services Installation (PSI) team is prepared to cable and build out your infrastructure regardless of location. With a current client list like US Foods, Knapheide USA, Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Restoration Hardware and more, we have the experience and expertise to build and install your infrastructure from the ground up.

Knowlogix offers design and engineering services from the ground up, or as supplemental support. Once the designs are complete, we have the capability to build the entire low voltage package, including items such as hanging truss, structured cable, build and install racks, install speakers, displays, cameras, access control, and alarm system hardware. From large distribution centers to restaurants and commercial buildings, Knowlogix is your one-stop-shop for professional installation services.

What sets Knowlogix apart is that we understand the importance of having boots on the ground. Our project management team stays on top of each project and has personnel onsite throughout the build. While other third party companies manage installs from an office hundreds of miles away, our team understands that being there is the only way to truly avoid costly mistakes. These types of projects often span multiple phases and require close coordination with other trades. Our onsite team is able to proactively adjust to shifts within the construction schedule. Our project management team cut their teeth in the construction industry, so they truly understand the landscape and changes that general contractors face. Call us to discuss your project today.

Technology Management & Maintenance

Professional Services Management (PSM)

Our managed commercial technology support solutions are designed to improve your business operations and reduce budgetary expenditures.
With our comprehensive range of services, you can benefit from:
    Managed Systems
    Leave behind the stress of IT and technology related issues. With our expert team and comprehensive managed systems solutions tailored to your business requirements, we take care of your entire technology footprint. Our services include Complete IT Management for your workstations, servers, and network
    Cyber Security
    Safeguard your business with robust security measures, protecting your data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.
    Physical Security
    Building and facility alarm, camera, and access control systems allow you to secure areas, monitor and record, and be notified of unauthorized access in real time. With these three systems combined, you gain a heightened level of control and management of your facility.
    Workload Management
    Ensure the optimal performance of your on premise servers and cloud operations with our expert IT management services.
    Building Communications
    Streamline communication within your organization with our cutting-edge commercial technology for building communication including intercom, VTC, and Mass Notifications.
    IP Phones
    On premise or Cloud Hosted phone system solutions are one of our specialties. Whether it’s one line for a small business, or a complete call center with hundreds of handsets. Unified Communications or Call Center, our team is here to build out the solutions that you need.
    Wiring & Infrastructure Design
    Benefit from our innovative wiring and infrastructure design solutions, guaranteeing an organized and optimized network infrastructure. We can design it, install it, and maintain the entire facility regardless of size or complexity.
    IoT Systems
    Data collection and monitoring is the lifeblood of today’s industrial and commercial workplace. IoT systems provide cost effective solutions to collect data in the field and across the production floor. We offer an array of data collection systems that minimize downtime by nipping problems in the bud before they get out of hand.
    Computer Systems Management
    We expertly manage your computer systems, minimizing downtime and optimizing their performance.
    Security, EndPoint Protection, Patching, & Encryption
    Count on us for comprehensive security, endpoint protection, patching, and encryption to keep your data and systems safe from threats.
    Backup & Restoration with Cloud & Onsite Instant Recovery
    With our backup and restoration professional services, your data is securely stored and easily recoverable, minimizing downtime.
    Bare Metal Server & VMware Server Management
    Our expertise in server management maximizes resource utilization for improved efficiency.
    Datacenter & Cloud Migration
    We facilitate a seamless transition to datacenter and cloud solutions, ensuring scalability and cost-efficiency.
    Risk Assessment
    Our meticulous risk assessment helps you identify vulnerabilities and develop strategies for mitigation.
    Disaster Recovery Planning
    Trust us to develop comprehensive disaster recovery plans to keep your business resilient in the face of adversity.
    Preparedness Planning
    We help you prepare for unforeseen disasters, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.
    Virtual Recovery Planning
    Our virtual recovery planning solutions are designed to expedite your business’s recovery following a crisis.
    Backup & Secondary Sites
    Our backup and secondary sites provide redundancy and data integrity, preserving your critical information.
    Facility Systems & Maintenance
    We provide comprehensive solutions for your facility, including surveillance, access control, and more, ensuring a secure and efficient workplace.
    Our experienced team works closely with you to assess your needs, develop a technology plan, deploy the solutions, and maintain the entire architecture. We ensure cost-effective technical support and solutions that keep your business running smoothly. Knowlogix understands that commercial businesses, whether national chains or individual and franchise owners, demand top-notch IT support to stay competitive. We are here to meet those demands and deliver business technology solutions that exceed your expectations.

    Safeguard Your Commercial Business
    with Cutting-Edge Technology

    We recognize the importance of safeguarding your commercial business against unforeseen challenges. Our comprehensive suite of technology solutions is meticulously designed to protect your business, ensure operational continuity, and enhance security. At Knowlogix, we understand the distinct needs of commercial businesses, whether you’re a production manager, an IT manager, or a nationwide IT company in need of a third-party support team.

    Disaster Recovery Planning

    Preparedness Planning

    We help you prepare for unforeseen disasters with meticulous data recovery planning to ensure minimal disruptions to your operations.

    Virtual Recovery Planning

    Our virtual recovery planning solutions are designed to get your business back on its feet quickly in the event of a disaster.

    Cost Analysis Planning

    We offer cost analysis planning to help you make informed decisions about your disaster recovery strategy, ensuring optimal resource allocation.

    Backup & Secondary Sites

    Our backup and secondary site solutions provide redundancy and data integrity, safeguarding your critical information.

    Surveillance Systems

    When it comes to security, our surveillance systems are second to none. Knowlogix offers a range of options to meet your specific needs:

    High-Resolution Video Systems

    Our high-resolution video systems provide crystal-clear footage, ensuring you capture every detail.

    Full Motion High-Definition Video Systems

    Experience high-definition video surveillance that offers unparalleled clarity.

    Remote View & Monitoring with 2-way Audio

    Monitor your premises remotely and communicate through 2-way audio for real-time security management.

    Local & Cloud Storage for Added Security

    Safeguard your surveillance data with both local and cloud storage options.

    Facial Recognition

    Enhance security with facial recognition technology, allowing you to control access more efficiently.

    Access Control

    Take control of who enters your premises with advanced access control solutions.

    Building Access Control Systems

    Implement secure building access control systems for heightened security.

    Multi-Factor Authentication

    Ensure that only authorized personnel gain access with multi-factor authentication methods.

    Advanced Burglary & Video Metrics

    Our systems provide advanced metrics for both burglary prevention and video surveillance analysis.

    Intrusion Notification

    Perimeter & Area Notification

    Receive real-time notifications for perimeter breaches and intrusions within defined areas.

    Long Range

    Our systems offer long-range detection capabilities, allowing you to monitor larger areas effectively.

    Indoor & Outdoor Detection

    Protect both indoor and outdoor spaces with our intrusion detection solutions.

    Triggered Events with Automated Response

    Automate responses to triggered events for a faster and more efficient security management process.
    Knowlogix understands that protecting your commercial business is a top priority. We provide IT support for businesses using cutting-edge technology and expertise to ensure the safety and continuity of your operations. Our nationwide presence and comprehensive services make us the go-to choice for businesses like yours.

    Tailored Commercial IT Consulting Services

    Every commercial business is unique, and we understand that your specific needs require a tailored approach. Knowlogix offers tailored IT consulting services that extend beyond standard offerings. Our team of experts collaborates with you to design IT solutions that cater to your individual business goals and challenges, ensuring a seamless digital transformation within your organization. Our commercial IT consulting services encompass a wide range of strategic solutions:
      Digital Transformation Strategy
      We formulate a digital transformation strategy that aligns with your business objectives, enhancing customer engagement, operational efficiency, and overall growth.
      Customized IT Roadmaps
      We create customized IT roadmaps that outline a clear path towards achieving your desired outcomes, supporting your business’s IT growth and adapting to changing customer expectations.
      Vendor Selection & Management
      We assist you in selecting the right technology vendors and managing those relationships to ensure the best commercial support and solutions for your business.
      Data Analytics & Insight
      We provide data analytics and insights to help you harness the power of your data, making informed decisions to improve the customer experience, drive sales, and optimize operations.
      Cybersecurity & Compliance
      We guide you in enhancing cybersecurity measures and meeting industry-specific compliance requirements to protect customer data and maintain trust.
      Cost Optimization
      We work to maximize IT investments and reduce unnecessary costs, streamlining operations while ensuring the best value from technology expenditures.
      Knowlogix’s commercial IT consulting services empower your business with the insights, strategies, and solutions needed to thrive in a competitive marketplace. By collaborating with our experts, you can unlock the full potential of your business and ensure that your IT solutions align perfectly with your unique goals and objectives.

      Effective IT Support for Businesses Like Yours

      Knowlogix offers more than just cabling and installation – we provide comprehensive IT support and business technology solutions for companies just like yours. Our in-house IT team is fluent in the language of IT, enabling us to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and understand your unique requirements. We have tools that are purpose-built to help manage remote systems. With these tools, we are able to implement automated watchguards so we can solve any issues before they cause downtime.

      Knowlogix is your one-stop destination for expert IT service and innovative solutions. With our extensive range of services, including provisioning and sourcing workstations, servers and cloud workloads, cyber security, disaster recovery planning, IP phones, surveillance systems, access control, and wiring and infrastructure design, we’ve got all of your business needs covered. Let us take IT stress off your shoulders, so you can focus on what matters most – your business and your work-life balance.

      Contact Us Today for the Business Technology Solutions You Need

      Whether you’re a production manager looking for reliable IT support, an IT manager seeking hassle-free solutions, or a nationwide IT company in need of a trusted partner, Knowlogix is here for you. We offer free facility audits, process assessments, and documented results to ensure that you’re making the right choice for your business technology needs.

      Join the growing list of satisfied clients who trust Knowlogix for all their commercial IT needs. Contact us today to learn more about how our commercial IT services can provide operational support for your business. We look forward to serving you!